What if lost your passport or Emirates ID?

What will happen if you lost your passport or Emirates ID? Whenever we plan to travel abroad or apply for something, ID and passports are the first and the most essential documents. Additionally, Emirates ID carries your health card and other personal information and soon Emirates ID will act as an official residency document in all Emirates except Dubai. Hence, losing one or both of these valued documents is a delinquent issue.


Source: Time Out Dubai

What to do if lost one or both of these documents?

There are some defined procedures you can follow if you have lost your passport or Emirates ID. Further, these procedures vary based on the place you have lost your document. The procedure is also different if you are in or out of your country, or an expat in UAE.

The procedures are:

Lost Emirates ID:

If you have lost your Emirates ID or you suspect that it is stolen, you need to report it immediately. Report the lost document to the nearest ICP center or ICA Customer happiness center. Your lost ID card will be deactivated immediately so, it can’t be used for illegal practices. Don’t forget to take your identification documents along to report the incident.


Source: ICA


  • Original Valid Pass Passport
  • Valid Visa
  • Family Book(UAE Nationals only)
  • Residency Document(GCC Nationals)

Note: In the case of, minors and under 15 years, an original birth certificate and colored PP size photos are also required.

After reporting the incident, you need to apply for the ID replacement. You can also fill out the form through the website or visit a Customer Happiness Centre. Further, to process the application, you need to pay some dues.

  • For the renewal of your ID card, you need to pay a fee of AED 300.
  • Application fee of AED 70 if you have processed the application through Typing Centers.
  • AED 40, if you have applied online through e-form on ICA
  • AED 150 only if you opt for express delivery

You will get the status of your ID on your phone and delivery time as well. You will get your new Id in 48 hours.


Source: Dubai Police


Lost Emirates ID outside UAE:

If you have lost your Emirates Id outside the UAE, you must immediately visit the UAE embassy in that country and report the missing document. Your complaints will result in the blocking of your card. Similarly, You can follow the remaining procedure explained above to get your new Emirates ID. Get the report typed in Arabic and English to avoid any complications.

Whom to contact in case of a Lost Passport?

Losing a passport is a serious issue that needs to be addressed quickly to avoid serious repercussions. Moreover, if you are a tourist and have lost your passport, immediately contact the relevant embassy in UAE and apply for a new passport.

Firstly, report the loss at the nearest Police station and get a complaint letter. Similarly, if the lost passport belongs to a kid under 15, parents should be there to report it.

Documents for the lost Passport:

  • Letter for lost by sponsor on company’s letterhead
  • Copy of Trade License
  • Copy of establishment card

For the person on family sponsorship

  • A letter signed by the sponsor
  • Sponsor’s passport copy

If the passport is lost in Dubai, the matter is dealt with by Dubai Courts and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. Following are the steps:

  1. Firstly, Report the incident to the nearest police station.
  2. Take the report for stamping from UAE courts, Public Prosecution, and GDRFA where the visa is issued.
  3. Revisit the same police station to attain a ‘lost passport certificate’, it’s a formal certificate issued in Arabic.
  4. Finally, visit your relevant embassy along with the lost certificate and other required documents to apply for a new passport.

Source: GDRFA

Lost Passport outside UAE

If you have lost your passport outside the UAE, you will have to consult your passport issuing authority in that country for the procedure and requirements. Further, you need to contact the UAE embassy in that country to get a re-entry permit/Visa. The documents are:

  • PP size photo
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Copy of Residence Visa
  • New Passport copy
  • Old passport copy
  • Letter from sponsor
  • Report for lost or stolen passport

This is necessary for you to enter UAE again. If you will not get this approval and try to enter UAE with a new passport, it will result in refusal. You might have to visit a Criminal Investigation Department for the loss of a passport to explain the situation and avoid any further complications. Additionally, we suggest you hire an Arabic translator to get rid of any miscommunication.

Moreover, If you have a British passport, contact the British embassy, and cancel your old passport.

For a Pakistani passport, get in touch with the Consulate General in Pakistan and get a copy of the NICOP National Identity card for overseas Pakistanis.

For Indian passport holders, visit the Indian Consulate attestation center and get an affidavit.

Furthermore, for the Philippines, visit Philippine Consulate General Assembly and get an Affidavit of loss.

After getting the new passport to visit the Residence visa centers, get your visa re-stamped.

Besides, GCC nationals should submit an employment certificate, ownership contract of property, marriage certificate or employment card, or anything that proves their residency in UAE.

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