What are the Dress Codes in Dubai? (Clothing advice for tourists)

A few might think that Dress codes aren’t implemented, but the rules are definitely in place

The Dubai dress code isn’t difficult to take after and will make your visit/ remain here a more charming, and will assist you to maintain a strategic distance from causing any of the numerous nationalities here any offence.

In a nutshell, while you’re out in open, you should have everything from your shoulders to knees secured- which isn’t difficult to do! You shouldn’t wear clothing that’s well-tight or see-through. Cleavage ought should also cover as much as possible.

What Not to Wear in Dubai?

  • Avoid wearing sleeveless outfits in ancient parts of Dubai, such as the Zest Souk.
  • Don’t wear trainers outfit to go to clubs.
  • Avoid any tops or dresses, that might appear as well as much cleavage.
  • Private dresses should be covered all the time.
  • Do not wear t-shirts that contain obscene jokes as they may offend someone.

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What to Wear in Dubai?

  • Short-sleeved top that covers the shoulders.
  • Long sleeve shirts, jeans, trousers, shorts (knee length), summer dresses, kaftans, salwar kameez, knee length skirts.
dress codes

Is it allowed to wear Bikini in Dubai?

  • Yes! Bikinis are allowed on most beaches.
  • The only problem is that many local families and workers go to public beaches like the one next to Burj Al Arab.
  • Like many other tourists, wearing a bikini is perfectly acceptable on the private beaches attached to many hotels.

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What to do when someone approaches you about your dress

  • If you dress inappropriately, you could be approached and told something by many people, including security guards, co-workers, local women, and expats.
  • Whatever happens, please remain calm and polite. Apologize and, depending on where you are, go home, go back to your hotel and change clothes, or if you’re at the mall, go to the store and buy something to hide it.

Can men wear shorts in Dubai?

  • Naked torsos are not allowed in public
  • Shorts should be up to the knee
  • Swimwear should not be worn outside of the pool or beach. don’t walk down the street in a swimsuit
  • Shorts should only be avoided when visiting mosques and government buildings (courts).

What to wear in Summer?

The Dubai summer season is from April to October. Summer in Dubai can be very hot and humid. Temperatures can rise up to 45°C, mainly in June and August. Everything you need to prepare for your summer in Dubai is here.

What to Wear in Summer in Dubai | Women

  • Female tourists may wear cotton dresses, shorts, and skirts as long as they cover the knees.
  • Women can wear short-sleeved T-shirts and tops, but avoid wearing tunics or sleeveless clothing.
  • Men should also wear cotton jeans or trousers. Shorts may be worn, but the knee length rule is the same.

What to Wear in Summer in Dubai | Men

  • Men should opt for loose-fitting pants rather than tight swimwear or swim shorts.
  • Both men and women are encouraged to wear normal footwear (shoes, flip-flops, sandals, etc.).
  • Dubai is very hot, so wear cotton, linen, or other light fabrics.

What to Wear in Winter?

Dubai is mostly visited by tourists in January due to its pleasant weather. There are also rainy days during the winter months from December to March. Days are usually warm with temperatures around 25°C, but nights can get a bit chilly with temperatures of at least 11°C. Therefore, heavy winter clothing is not required.

It’s neither too cold nor too warm, so wear long-sleeved tops and full-length bottoms. Such clothes will not make you uncomfortable in any situation.

What to Wear in Winter in Dubai | Women

  • Women should prefer long skirts. However, if you prefer to wear knee-length skirts, lightweight leggings, or stockings, you can do so.
  • You can wear a light sweater if you want. In winter, instead of sandals or flip-flops, it is better to wear shoes or light boots.
  • Women can opt for heels if they want to wear them to pubs and clubs at night.

What to Wear in Winter in Dubai | Men?

  • There are no separate requirements for men’s and women’s clothing as long as they are not uncomfortable as per Dubai’s general dress code.
  • For evenings, opt for sweaters, hoodies, and light cardigans.
  • Also, if you plan to go out for water fun or dessert at night, be sure to wear a suitable jacket and headscarf in case it gets extremely cold.

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