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Desert safari is a synonym for stress relief and inner peace; since the beginning of time desert safaris have warmly welcomed international visitors from various countries. They can unwind from a genuine experience to relish the true rush of adrenaline. This write-up will amaze you with Dubai Desert Safari and Its Charms.

Actually, it is a genuine adventure in the open desert, with visitors having a fantastic time onboard. During sand dune fun, they converse with one another and exchange their outclass desert safari experience.

Desert safari in UAE


The UAE is a safe and comfortable destination for tourists since most desert safari activities end at night, and visitors are completely secure and protected by competent and certified drivers. The travel agent licenses are specifically issued for desert safari trips by the Dubai government for extra safety.

It starts with booking with an authentic and certified agency. The agency will manage the rest of your trip from picking up to drop off including all the activities, as per your booked package.


Desert Safari Dubai is a genuine Arabian escapade that lasts between 4 and 6 hours. A typical desert safari includes thrilling dune bashes on a first-class 4X4 SUV. Camel rides, henna tattoos, and Hookah smoking are among the activities that offer a hearty taste of traditional Bedouin culture and history.

An early desert safari is ideal for individuals who wish to see the spectacular desert dawn and absorb the continent’s magnificent tranquillity before it gets too humid.

The charms of a desert safari

If the dune bash is too confining for you, you may choose a scenic drive with a quad bike or include this ATV ride as an extra addition to your regular safari. It ensures a heart-pounding thrill while providing an uninterrupted theatrical view of vast stretches of golden dunes scattered all around you.


Besides, you may also get on a sandboard and roll down the grittier, smoother Arabian Desert sands in the most thrilling way possible.

Traditional entertainment like Belly Dance and Tanura are included in the nighttime desert safari, as well as a spectacular BBQ meal with vegan and non-vegan dishes. It also provides you with plenty of opportunities to appreciate its scenic look and peacefulness.


Making the best of the trip

Dubai may be better recognized for its heartrending skyscrapers and opulent monuments, but its beautiful deserts are still unmistakable.

Here are some tips for making the most out of your safari trip

  • The Dubai desert can equal any savanna for animal sightings. Zebras, huskies, and monitor lizards can be spotted. For the utmost in wildlife close-ups, attempt a falconry adventure.
  • Camel treks are an excellent way to get a hands-on Dubai Desert Tour. The majority of desert safaris offer a brief ride, but you may always choose a trip that includes more riding time.
  • There are economy safaris (food provided), but it’s better to pay a bit extra if you can. You’ll enjoy authentic, regional food as well as a warm welcome.
  • Dune-bashing, quad-biking, sand-skiing, and dune-buggy rides are all available on several safari itineraries, leaving thrill-seekers spoiled for choice. You’d be able to feel the rush of blood coursing through your veins. These are not for the faint of heart!
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Clothes to be worn

Clothing for a desert safari should be basic, comfortable, and adaptable to warm, chilly, and dusty conditions. The evenings in the desert are scorching hot. And chilly, since, contrary to popular belief, the desert is not always scorching; early mornings and nights may be bitterly cold.


Shorts are a must-have for scorching summertime. A short, on the other hand, is not ideal for a desert safari. As a result, shorts may be bothersome.

Those who participate in sand activities such as sandboarding or dune bashing may collect sand in unfavourable spots.

Prepping for your trip

Here are some simple pointers to help you get ready for your Dubai desert safari expedition:

  • Eat a light meal early in the day. When your 4x4s are rolling up and down the sandy beaches, avoid eating anything that may irritate your digestion. The trip might be quite rough, making you feel queasy.
  • Dress comfortably but tastefully. It’s OK to wear shorts, tees, or light tops.  Loose footwear, flip-flops, or slippers are preferred since you will be free to play on the dunes during breaks. Sand may get into your footwear in a variety of ways.
  • Remember to bring sunscreen with you on any outdoor excursion. Also, don’t forget to bring a sunhat and shades.
  • Carry a camera or a voice recorder to record the thrill of the adventure and the desert’s hypnotic splendour.
  • Bring money or a credit card with you. There will be rest points along the trip to the desert where you may purchase small snacks. Photographs and movies shot by the official tour cameraman, as well as gifts from stores, are available for purchase at the camp.
  • Remember to carry proper toiletries for your hygiene. Always have a first aid kit with you for any medical emergencies.


As your sandboard slides underneath you through the Dubai desert safari, feel the bracing sensation of the dunes against your face. With sips of Arabic tea, espresso, and almonds, or your favourite drink, you may start or end your day with a variety of specialities.


Refreshments and drinks are provided, as well as an infinite supply of sodas to soothe your cravings. With belly dancers, traditional Tanoora performances, and continental meals for platonic occasions, Dubai never ceases to amaze.

Many visitors adore or decorate themselves with body art and Arabic dress. You’ll leave a promise to return.

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