Top Pavilions of Expo 2022 Dubai are Re-opening

Two of the pavilions Alif and Terra, already opened on September 1, 2022. Soon the left top pavilions of Expo 2022 Dubai will be reopening from October 1.

Individual tickets cost per pavilion set as 50 AED and are available on the city’s website and at Expo City Dubai. The ticket price for Garden in the Sky, a rotating observation tower that offers 360-degree views, will cost 30 AED.

1.    UAE’s Winged Falcon

The first pavilion of the Expo 2022 Dubai reopening for tourists was designed to seem like a soaring falcon. Additionally, it features a grid of photovoltaic panels below its 28 moveable wings to harness solar energy. The building, built by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is central to the Expo site and serves to showcase Spain’s rich history and culture. Furthermore, several routes converge at the stark white pavilion, allowing visitors to view it from any angle.

Expo 2022 Dubai

The largest of the Expo’s pavilions, it will remain a symbol of its country’s culture long after the fair has ended. Even on the hottest summer days, you may feel more comfortable thanks to a combination of a subterranean garden, water features, and trees. The pavilion, aptly named the Land of Dreamers, captures the essence of the Emirates’ past and presents it in the present via the words of Emiratis’ past, present, and future.

2.    Surreal Waterfall

Although it is the second pavilion of the expo reopening for tourists, it comes with our highest recommendation. Long before you see the water falling down the towering black stone walls of the surreal water feature near the Al Wasl dome. You may hear the squeals and cries of children playing in the area. At the top of the four-story walls, water pours out and gushes over big boulders before disappearing at the feet of onlookers below. Everyone, from adults to children, takes off their shoes and dives in, trying to climb the walls as the water moves rhythmically to the music.

Expo 2022 Dubai

Rainbows of a light cascade over the walls at night, defying the laws of gravity and giving the illusion that the water is rising. A spiral sculpture in the center of the water ring emits brilliant hydrogen flames at night. Experience design was handled by Los Angeles-based Company Wet Design. Furthermore, they are accountable for the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. Ramin Djawadi, winner of several awards for his work on the Game of Thrones score, composed the score. The “magical” sight of thousands of gallons of water gushing down to music will remain when the Expo ends, having won the plaudits of visitors.

3.    Saudi Arabia’s Giant Window

The “window to the world” represents Saudi Arabia and is one of the largest structures at the Expo. In fact, after welcoming its three millionth guest, the pavilion’s giant LED screen was activated in their honor. In the enormous mirrors that open to the sky, tourists try to get a glimpse of themselves. The mirrors have previously acted as a screen for Formula One races staged in Jeddah. In addition to that, multiple Guinness World Records have been established by the pavilion. Including the record for the longest interactive water fountain at 32 meters.

As visitors ride the elevator to higher levels, on the other hand, they take on a virtual tour of the country’s cultural landmarks, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The pavilion, which is the size of two football fields, is meant to give visitors a glimpse into the plans of the kingdom. Furthermore, it holds the world’s largest interactive floor, open to the public. It has 8,000 LED lights embedded in the surface that change in response to foot traffic. In addition, visitors are shooting pictures like mad at a display with over 2,000 suspended crystals in the hopes of capturing an Instagram-worthy moment.

4.    Garden City Singapore

Singapore Pavilion is the fourth pavilion of expo reopening for tourists and provides welcome relief from the scorching heat. Over 80,000 plants, painstakingly tended to the tall cones since the Expo began in October of last year to ensure that they always appear healthy and beautiful. Visitors to an eco-friendly pavilion can stay out of the sun as they climb the pavilion’s winding paths. The winding paths lined with neat rows of trees make the view more spectacular. It is designed to prove that more than 500 solar panels, drip irrigation, and desalination can be used to successfully grow vegetation in a desert environment.

There is information inside the pavilion about the Singaporean replants that were brought to the desert. The organizers have focused on nature, nurture, the future, and protecting our natural heritage to the last level, the sky market. The open deck’s fine mist cooling and breathtaking views of the Expo grounds make it a versatile space for any event.

5.    Immersive Japan

The popular fourth pavilion of the expo of Japan includes gorgeous visuals, intriguing motion, and distinctive tiny art. The hour-long tour is the longest on the site because organizers decided “where ideas meet” required multiple tales. Visitors receive telephones as part of a personalized experience based on where they spend time. This collection of 128 miniature artworks shows Japanese daily life and technical and commercial advances.

DUBAI, 27 September 2021. Evening view of the Japan Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai. (Photo by Dany Eid/Expo 2020 Dubai)

Visitors’ imagination uplifts, as they pass unusual artworks like a tree made of pink buttons. Adults and kids alike who like Japanese animation will enjoy hearing the narrative of how the creator behind the iconic Gundam figure got his start at robotics school in Yokohama. 2025 Osaka World Fair visitors are urged to submit their ideas.

6.    The UAE Pavilion

Expo 2022 Dubai

UAE is hosting Expo 2022, so it must design and build a worthy structure. The UAE pavilion is impressive and on the sixth number of our countdown for pavilions of expo reopening for tourists. The UAE Pavilion, inspired by a swooping falcon, depicts the country’s vitality and perseverance. UAE Pavilion is a four-story white building with a hospitality space and exhibitions displaying the country’s culture and achievements. A room that showcases innovative ideas, producing crops in the desert to build a space station.

7.    The United Kingdom Pavilion

Last but not least, The United Kingdom pavilion’s design resembles a fiber-optic cable. It showcases the country’s common intellectual and collaborative future by including poetry written by AI that everyone can contribute to.

Source: Expo 2020 Dubai

Moreover, this pavilion demonstrates inspiration from Stephen Hawking’s final book, “Breakthrough Message,” which encourages readers to consider what they would wish humanity to convey to other advanced civilizations in the cosmos. As of now, it is unclear if the United Kingdom Pavilion will continue in Dubai when Expo 2020 closes.

Hence, there is still time to visit one more country and stamp your pavilion passport before the show ends. For more details click here.

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