The Best Abandoned Places in UAE to Explore

Are you looking for Abandoned Places in UAE to Explore? then you are at the right article.

When travelling to the UAE, everyone knows which must-see tourist attractions, such as Dubai’s Burj Al Arab and Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, should be on everyone’s list.

But there are some places which are not tourist attractions. It doesn’t create headlines, and many people don’t know its existence. That is for those people who are looking for something different and daring.


Places in UAE to explore

We often find ourselves thinking about how inhabitants spent their lives in the exact location we are standing. But it is now abandoned and neglected. Unfortunately, there are several abandoned locations throughout the country. Some are beyond our reach, while others ask for an explanation for their mystery.

So, if you are a traveller who is more attracted to haunted locations, then keep reading. We have searched all seven emirates in search of the most exciting abandoned places in the UAE. 

If you live in or planning to visit the UAE, here are seven abandoned places that you must explore.

Sharjah’s Al Madam Ghost Village: 

  • Al Madam town in Sharjah is one of those sights with a certain charm. It is an abandoned village from several years ago. The Al Madam Ghost Village, also known as Al Ghuraifa Village or Al Madfouna Village, is a collection of houses that the desert has claimed over time. The town was founded as a community to accommodate the population of UAE Bedouins.

Some Interesting Facts about Ghost Village

The village was constructed in the 1970s and 1980s. Again, the story differs as to why it was abandoned. According to common myth, the town was haunted by djinns, demons, and otherworldly entities that scared the locals away.

The village is now half-buried in sand, and it is worth the journey to see how the desert has absorbed the buildings. It is located right on the Dubai border, and it is worth the trip to see how the houses have been fascinated by the desert.

Desert of Al Awir, A crashed Aircraft: 

  • One of the most popular tourist sites in the UAE is the plane crash site in Al Awir. Like Sharjah’s Al Madam Ghost Village, this place is also filled with mystery. Some say the abandoned plane crash site in Dubai is linked to a 2011 emergency air crash drill, but the claims are not proven also; others say the aeroplane wasn’t crashed and left like that; instead, it was planted in this deserted spot to attract people. There isn’t any exact and reliable information on how it crashed.

Ras Al Khaimah’s Al Qasimi Palace: 

  • The Al Qasimi Palace in Ras Al Khaimah is another haunted location. This abandoned palace in RAK, also known as the Qasr Al Ghamedh, was built in 1985 by the late Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Humaid Al Qassimi. The court was built at a massive cost and was once house to Dubai’s elite. However, it now stands as a ghostly ruin. The palace is said to be haunted, and as a result of these rumours, it has become one of RAK’s most popular tourist destinations.

You’ll find 35 abandoned rooms with crystal chandeliers, magnificent statues, artwork, paintings, marble paths, and luxury furnishings as you enter the house. They all left the house after only one night because they said it was haunted. The family claimed they saw ghostly apparitions, heard weird noises, and witnessed unexplainable movements.

Jumeirah, Dubai: 

  • We’ve all heard stories about leaving their homes because of unexplainable occurrences that made them surrender what is rightfully theirs! Unfortunately, the haunted house in Jumeirah, Dubai, is one of them. In 2011, several Filipinos lived in Jumeirah’s villa 4, which had seven bedrooms.

Foreign residents of this allegedly haunted property claimed they heard strange and scary noises, saw weird movements, and witnessed mysterious happenings.

Ras Al Khaimah’s town Al Jazirah Al Hamra

  • This village near Ras Al Khaimah, known as “The Red Island” or Al Jazirah Al Hamra, was founded in the 14th or 16th century. It was abandoned 50 years ago, before the discovery of oil.

Hundreds of villagers lived in the town, which had been populated since the 16th century. The source of income for the locals was pearling, followed by fishing. Many of the abandoned houses were constructed of seashells and sand bricks or coral stone. By 1830, the population of the area was estimated to be between 200 and 400 persons. By the 1960s, however, it had become nearly abandoned.

Some believed that disputes amongst local families were a factor in the emirate of Abu Dhabi’s decision to relocate its residents from Jazira Al Hamra.

And some others claimed that the residents were forced to leave everything behind since the town was haunted. This abandoned village is attractive to both Tourists and photographers.

In Umm Al Quwain, a Deserted Plane can be one of The Best Abandoned Places in UAE to Explore

  •  This abandoned plane near Umm Al Quwain, is like the abandoned plane crash site in Dubai’s Al Aweer Desert, and the story is still unknown. It is located at the Barracuda Resort and Dreamland Aqua Park. Tourists and locals both come to see the abandoned and majestic Soviet-era military jet.

The plane is an Ilyushin IL 76, which was manufactured in the Soviet Union. It was designed specifically for military use in mind. In 1999, it appeared to have arrived unexpectedly at this airfield in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain. But no one knows why it came or never flew again. It’s been speculated that a Russian arms dealer may use it to move guns.

Now it’s currently rotting under the desert heat; also, a mystery remains to this day.

Haunted Apartment: Al Khail Gate

  • This apartment, one of the real haunted places in Dubai, is known for paranormal activities in several of the building’s rooms.

Some residents claimed that their possessions vanished unusually and were later discovered in other locations. The building’s owners have declared it to need maintenance, yet the reality remains that three suicides have occurred there. There haven’t been any more current updates; therefore, the building’s past is unknown.


If you want to push yourself and see something truly adventurous, take a vacation to Dubai and visit these haunted locations. I hope these places will amaze you and you will not be bored at all.

Also, other abandoned places you check out if you have time left, like Tunnel in the Pan Emirates, The World Islands, The Arabian Canal, and many more.

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