Buying a Reliable Used Car in Dubai

Have you ever had a bad purchase experience in used car, or do you know someone with same? It is a situation that everyone goes through at some point in life. At this point, one thinks that he should have chosen some reliable guides before making purchase decisions. Buying a reliable used car in Dubai can be a hefty procedure.

Owning a car in UAE is a basic life necessity. Buying a car comes with many risk factors, some known to the common man whereas, others are the game for experts only.

Many things are required to be considered while buying a used car in Dubai. And for that one has to have a vast knowledge of cars to make the purchase suitable to their demand. Buying a new car in UAE is not a very cost-effective option, so people look towards the options of buying a used car.

Buying a new car is based on brand trust and warranty level however buying a used car relies on the reliability of the seller and the condition of a car. But that is a talk for a later time. When you have planned to buy a car there are many steps one should follow to make a reliable purchasing decision.

Steps to buy a reliable car:  

  1. Design a Budget:

Before starting a search for a reliable product, the first and foremost step in any sort of purchase is making a budget according to your demands. The budget must include the:

  • Price of the vehicle
  • Ownership transfer fees
  • Initial maintenance fees
  • Token tax
  • Government taxes
  • Registration charges
  • Insurance charges

 While making a budget one should be clear of keeping the car’s price and other expenses separate to make the purchase easy and manageable. Hence, your budget should constitute all of the given expenses, so that your purchase become cost-effective, and your mind stay relaxed on later expenses as well.

  1. Choose the Vehicle:

For some people, it is the first step and for some, it is the second. Whatever number of steps it is, it is important. Sometimes the type of vehicle you want to buy defines your budget but sometimes your budget gets you to decide which type of car you want to purchase. In any way, it must be among the initial steps.

Make up your mind according to your budget and what type of vehicle you want to purchase. Whether it is a regular car for regular use, a sports car, or a 4WD car. Your need will make you proceed in the right direction. Go through thorough research to determine which car is suitable for your needs. You need to decide if you want a local car or imported cars, a big or a small car, a fancy or a simple car. All have their benefits as well as disadvantages.

Once you have made the budget and vehicle decisions, you have a clearer idea of what you want to buy and then you are clear to move onto the next step and start looking for reliable sources.

  1. Looking for Sources:

After deciding the type and model of the car and budgeting your purchase, start looking for a reliable source to make the purchase. You can go for private as well as dealership methods.

If someone in your close social contacts is selling a car that you need, it is more suitable to purchase because you might already be aware of condition of the car. You will be at ease to examine the car closely and look for deeper defects if any.

You can check for the local dealers who are credible or suggested by someone in your contacts. To get a suitable cost, you have to bargain with dealers as much as possible. Dealers or private sellers usually provide increased prices for the cars and, easy to bargain with. You can look for cars that are a bit out of cost for you as they will have to be bargained back to lesser prices.

You can also go online through various websites and applications to look for the dealers and rates of the car. Such a credible source is the Smartarz Application. It allows you to make cars evaluation by entering the model number, it shows you the cars that are on sale and you can sort them out based on your budget range and car type. You can also get a special plate number for your car and what else. This application provides several options that can make your purchase easy and comfortable. Therefore, its quite easy to find and buy a used car in dubai on Smartarz.

Several other websites can provide you with good car deals like Car Shop Dubai, Dubizzle .com, Al-Futtaim, Seez, Get that, GMC, Alba cars where you can sell a used car and purchase one as well, Car from where you can buy cars from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Fujairah, etc.

You can also compare and contrast the cars, their prices, and specs from these different platforms to get a better understanding of which source deems to be most reliable.  Be extremely careful about online frauds and only consider a seller if it seems credible and has a good rating.

  1. Checks:

Make a list of things you need to verify about the car when you are meeting the dealer.

  • Do take a test drive and examine carefully the interior of the car. You should feel at comfort in whatever vehicle you buy. Moreover, make sure the features are all right, seats are okay, if there is enough space or not and is the car comfortable for your family.  
  • Before finalizing the purchase decision, if possible, ask the owner to give you the car for a day so that you can identify whether it will work in the long run or not.
  • Check for the car’s VIN and VAN number. Use Vehicle information number to track down its history. In addition to this you can enter the car’s model number on Usedpanda and get an online evaluation of the car as well.
  • Get the car thoroughly examined, by a mechanic. Look for all the nooks and corners.
  • Check the engine leaks and brakes. Get the engine number to examine its work history. It will easily aid you in working out the efficiency of the car.  Ask the mechanic to closely examine the lower parts of the car.
  • Check for fuel oil, if it is dark in color, it means it is burnt, that car’s fuel has not been changed for years, and now changing the fuel can cause a problem. Finally, Check the tires of the car as well, if they are worn out get them changed.
  • Verify maintenance cost for the car.
  • Depreciation amount of that car.
  • Confirm the warranty from the original sellers of the car.
  • Examine whether the car has been involved in accidents or any other police case. If it is, leave the car as it can cause problems for you in the future.
  • Check for traffics fines and parking fines that are due and ask the seller to clear them.
  1. Verify the Documentation:
  • Get the original documents of the car verified by an expert.
  • Make the transfer papers immediately after payment.
  • Get the car insurance. If previous charges are unpaid get the seller to pay them.
  • Transfer the ownership from Tasjeel or other similar platforms.
  • Salik is the electronic road tolls. Hence, make sure to get the Salik tags.

The car’s ownership must be transferred by the previous owner to the new one bu authentic means like RTA or court.

The vehicle market in UAE and Dubai is a buyer’s place. Buyers are the rulers. They can purchase the right vehicle at the right price if the selection of time and dealer is correct. If the dealer is in hurry, he can sell you the vehicle at your given price. Buyers have a ton of options, they can easily shift to the next one if he is not comfortable with any aspect of the deal. Following all the steps given one can make a cost-effective purchase decision.

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