New Covid Rules for Abu Dhabi Schools: Periodic PCR Tests for Students

What rules have to follow by the students in UAE regarding periodic PCR? Let’s discuss some interesting topic on New Covid Rules for Abu Dhabi Schools: Periodic PCR Tests for Students

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek) has declared some new Covid Rules regarding PCR tests for the students. These rules are not only abundant in students but also amplify on parents. The rules include the followings-

New Covid Rules for Abu Dhabi Schools: Periodic PCR Tests for Students

Primary Rules:

  • As the students are resuming their daily school life the government has asked to have PCR tests for all. It must be done periodically.
  • This test service will be cost-free for the students.

Guidance for guardians:

  • Now parents or guardians may enter the school premises but they have to bring their  PCR test result which will valid for 96 hours. Parents can do this with the help of the “emergency use” status on the AlHosn App.
  • All the members of the school including teachers and other staff have to do their PCR test every two weeks.
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Insider Rules:

  • Everyone has to wear a mask all the time on school premises. Also, everyone has to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.
  • The number of students in a class will not be more than30. But for KG this number is 25.
  • A teaching team of younger students can contain a maximum of 10 students.
  • Any authorized person with covid-19 symptoms can not enter the school.
  • Any person with chronic health conditions can return to their school.
  • School buses have to maintain all the safety precautions and the capacity of the bus may vary depending on the size of the vehicle of the school.
  • If there is any Covid-19 case found in any school, that affected person including all the contacts has to self-isolate for at least 10 days. But if there is more than one case is identified in a school then the school has to follow partially or fully shifted distance learning and that should be a minimum of 10 days

Rules for all schools:

  • All the schools should identify their authorized entry to ensure the limited entry of essential persons.
  • Administrative offices, reception areas, or waiting rooms should not be overcrowded. All the safety precautions should be maintained all over the school premises.
  • All the schools have to maintain their medical reports strictly and they should be confidential.
  • Schools have to maintain communication with guardians to make sure that every student is free from covid-19 symptoms before leaving home for school.

Final Words:

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Students are the future of the world. Their periodic PCR test is a vital issue for any country. Abu Dhabi schools are very careful in this issue and according to the latest information the Government has taken timely initiative for students & parents regarding covid-19 tests. For more please visit:

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