Moon World Resort

Is a $5 billion luxury resort in the form of the moon coming to Dubai?

A $5 billion proposal to create the “Moon” as a resort is part of Dubai’s plans for yet another “global stunner.” According to “Moon World Resorts” Inc. (MWR), a Canadian architectural firm, the resort will take 48 months to completion . It will have an overall height of 735 feet (224 meters). This remarkable engineering structure is proposed by Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson.

Proposed design and structure:

A three-story steel sphere will serve as the resort’s base, and an orb at the top of it, to create a hyper-realistic depiction of the moon. The sphere would have moon-like decorations on the outside. It will bear the title of “biggest sphere in the world”. The entire resort will consist of steel, clad in a carbon-fiber composite, and integrated with solar panels.

Source: Arabian Business

All the facilities, such as a spa, a hotel lobby, and a convention center, will be part of the base building. All the suites will be inside the moon-like sphere. There are a total of 4000 of them. A lunar colony will also house in Moon World Resort.

It will include a highly realistic operational lunar colony and 10 acres of the authentically undulating lunar surface. Visitors and astronaut training will take place here. Numerous multinational companies and space organizations will display their technology in the colony. Additionally, a university campus will be included, according to Henderson.

Luxurious homes, fast shuttles, and lagoons with water in “Moon World Resort”

Moon Dubai Resort, anticipates a boost to the economy of the Emirate in fields including hospitality, entertainment, tourist attractions, education, technology, the environment, and space tourism, according to Henderson.

Moon Resort will cost an incredible $5 billion to build. It is also reported that it may generate $1.8 billion in income annually. Furthermore, 300 of opulent apartments will be inside the main building’s disc. All residents will have access to the elite Moon private club.

As reported by the official WAM news agency, Sheikh Mohammed said “Our tourist sector’s revenues exceeded 19 billion dirhams ($5.2 billion) during the first half of 2022.” “The overall quantity of hotel visitors topped 12 million, representing a 42 percent increase, and we anticipate a robust tourist performance this winter season”. .

Attraction for Visitors

According to “Moon World Resorts” designers, Mathews and Henderson, “Moon Dubai will serve as the most significant and successful mass tourism project within the whole MENA region. Consequently, doubling tourism for Dubai, based on its international appeal, awareness of the brand, and unique integration offerings.

 It can “comfortably facilitate 10 million annual visitors,” they added. A “lunar colony” will encircle the resort’s lunar surface, which will allow 2.5 million visitors a year to enjoy an inexpensive elite experience of space travel in Dubai.

What “Moon World Resort’’ will provide the guests?

Visitors to the Moon might make use of a wellness and spa area, a nightclub, event space, international meeting place, lounge, and an internal “moon shuttle,”.

The Next Actions

Moon World Resort” is now organizing a worldwide road-show series for 2023 to introduce Moon to possible regional licensees. One of these shows will occur in the MENA area, possibly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with choices also including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, & Kuwait, according to Henderson.

After the determination of a specific location “A one-year pre-development program will begin, accompanied by a four-year construction program. Moon Dubai is expected to function following a gold Certification, a built-out 5-star level, and an operating 5-diamond resort standard.

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