Metaverse and UAE’s Economic Strategy

At Dubai Metaverse Assembly, Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister for AI, disclosed UAE’s Economic Strategy concerning Metaverse. “UAE’s economic success will be measured in ‘Gross Metaverse Product’ (GMP) instead of “Gross Domestic Product” (GDP). The announcement was heralded in the presence of the Crown Prince of Dubai.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a new technology that creates a virtual world where users can interact and share information. It has the potential to revolutionize customer service by enabling customers to interact with each other and service providers in a safe and secure environment.

Why Metaverse important for UAE’s Economic Strategy?

Dubai Metaverse assembly hopes to establish Dubai as one of the best cities in the world. It will be achieved through investments in potential business possibilities, the adoption and use of metaverse technology, and the creation of digital infrastructure that supports both global transformations and the digital economy. This covers all the aspects related to life. By the same token, in Dubai, it establishes Meta health, Metaverse customer service, Metaverse in real estate, and many more.

How will Improve Customer Service?

The Metaverse, a digital ecosystem that allows users to interact with each other and share information in a shared virtual space, is set to improve customer service in the UAE. Metaverse CEO Robert Triefus says that by using the platform, businesses will be able to do things like “bring all of your support teams under one roof” and track customer interactions in a more efficient and accurate way. This could mean faster resolution of complaints and improved customer relations.

Metaverse UAE's Economic Strategy

Easy and Quick Access

The platform allows customers to connect with businesses in various ways, such as online chat, email, or social media. Customers will communicate more easily with businesses using this system, resulting in an improvement in customer service in the UAE. Customers can get assistance from the companies they are dealing with quickly and easily. This technology also eliminates the need for customers to go through multiple channels, saving them time and money.

Metaverse: A potential Way to improve Emirates Airline economy

Emirates, a leading global airline, with an extensive network of airports, seaports, and freight terminals worldwide warmly adapted Metaverse. The airline has been improving customer service by implementing new technologies like Metaverse. Besides, metaverse allows Emirates to create a virtual customer service department that interacts with customers through avatars. This virtual service can provide more accurate information about flights and routes. Furthermore, can help customers with booking difficulties and provide support for Lost or Stolen luggage. Additionally, it assists in the training of employees and staff to work more proficiently. Later on, they can interact with customers more professionally. Using these technologies, Emirates can save costs on customer service while improving the quality of its services.

Metaverse UAE's Economic Strategy

Metaverse Strategy Assembly in Dubai, UAE

Metaverse Strategy Assembly suggests strategic planning to transform Dubai into a global hub for the metaverse community. It aims to be one of the top ten metaverse economies in the world. In fact, an exciting time to be a part of this dynamic and futuristic community. Over 1,000 companies have already established themselves in Dubai’s blockchain and metaverse sectors. Furthermore, Dubai is planning to create over 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030. As a result, a boost in the economy, and fulfillment of the UAE government’s goal to onboard blockchain companies.

Metaverse for UAE’s economic strategy

  • Promoting advanced ecosystems through accelerators and incubators that attract companies and projects to Dubai will foster innovation, enhance the Metaverse’s economic contribution, and enhance Metaverse’s financial assistance through R&D collaborations.
  • It will foster talent and build future capabilities by providing developers, content creators, and digital platform users with the necessary support for metaverse education.
  • In tourism, education, retail, remote work, healthcare, and legal, Web 3.0 technology and its applications will create new work models and applications.
Metaverse UAE's Economic Strategy

Customer Service 24/7

Metaverse’s customer service is second to none and is available 24/7. If you ever have any questions or concerns about using the platform or need assistance with any of its features, Metaverse’s team is available to help you.

Metaverse as Secure Platform in developing UAE’s Economic Strategy

Whether you are a small business looking for a secure platform to store your files, or a large business looking for a user-friendly platform to manage your customer relations, Metaverse is a perfect choice. With its unique features and superior customer service, Metaverse is the ideal platform for businesses of all sizes and types.

What is Metaverse

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