How to sponsor son over 18 years in UAE

Those who already live in the United Arab Emirates legally and possess a valid resident visa are eligible to sponsor their son for over 18 years in UAE. Moreover, it is now possible for all workers, regardless of their rank, to get sponsorship for their dependents in exchange for wages of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation, respectively. All immigrants older than 18 years have to complete a medical fitness evaluation. On September 5th, new visa requirements will go into effect by enabling UAE citizens to sponsor sons over 18 years in UAE for higher study in the Emirates. For details visit UAE Government Portal.

When children reach 18, their parents have the option of continuing the financial support for them for up to three more years. But only if they continue their education. The new laws will be a welcome relief for parents. They can go back to the UAE and spend time with family members and friends who continue to live there.

Unmarried daughters and children with disability have permission to apply as well. These applications are for a residence permit at any age under the new laws.

1.    Requirements to sponsor son over 18 years in UAE

Sponsorship for family members to live in the UAE is possible for those with a valid residence permit or visa. This applies to both employers and workers working in the UAE. Any woman who wishes to sponsor her 18 year old son must satisfy the following qualifications and requirements:

sponsor a son
  • Her firm provides either 4,000 or 3,000 AED monthly pay, including an accommodation allowance.

NOTE: Nurses and teachers who want to sponsor sons over 18 years in UAE, are exempt from the salary qualification.

  • A birth certificate for the kid, legalized by both the United Arab Emirates Embassy in the home country and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Accompanying the mother’s petition to “sponsor son over 18 years in UAE” should include the father’s not-to-obstruct (NOC) certificate, written in Arabic. In case of the spouse’s absence, confirm the NOC from both the UAE Embassy in the home country and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well. if the spouse is not present in the UAE. Translate the NOC in Arabic if it’s not in Arabic before.
  • One has to present the husband’s employment contract in case working in UAE. is required if he is working there. Additionally, a rental agreement, authenticated by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Ejari) is also required.
  • Degree from an accredited university in the UAE, with authentication from both the UAE Embassy in the home country and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (if the mother is not a doctor. engineer, nurse, or teacher)
  • Proof of financial support for the last three months (if Mom isn’t a doctor). A resident sponsor has 60 days to apply for sponsorship of a son over 18 years in UAE residence visa once entered the UAE.
  • It is no longer necessary for an expatriate worker to be in a certain profession to be able to sponsor his family visas.

2.    Validity of family residence visa

In any event, the duration of validity for the residency permit of the son or daughter corresponds to two or three years as authorized by the parent’s visa. As the owners of the home, the parents are the ones who are responsible for ensuring to sponsor their son/daughter for over 18 years in UAE. When applying for a residence permit, provide both a tenancy contract and a wage certificate in your submission as stated in Article 55 of the executive regulation list. Additionally, the sponsor will present an apostille of either a birth certificate or another document that establishes the parent-son relationship to the sponsoring over 18 years in UAE.

The child’s residency visa may expire if he or she spends more than 180 days outside the UAE. It is stated in the list of executive regulations concerning the entry and residence of foreigners. Children’s residency permits bounds the parent’s or guardian’s permission. Relatives’ visas terminate if the sponsoring parent’s visa revokes. After a dependent’s visa get expires apply for a new residence permit within 30 days. The dependents of an employee may consider unlawful residents and subject to a fine. This is the case only if the employee fails to renew or cancel their visa promptly.

3.    Overstay fines

You have to pay a cost of Dh125 on the first day, in case of overstay of visa. And Dh25 every day after that until you leave the country. Beyond six months, the overstay penalty for dependents is Dh50 per day. After one year, the overstay penalty is Dh100 per day.

4.    How to apply for sponsorship of son over 18 years in UAE

The sponsor has the option of submitting an online application for the residency status, of his or her child over 18. He can visit either the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, or Customs and Port Security in Dubai, or the General Directorate on Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai. Both of these agencies are located in Dubai. Every community service office and government typing center assists families in registering their young children as permanent residents.

5.    List of documents required

  • Create an Emirates ID card (Original).
  • Page from a sponsor’s passport and proof of current residency visa (valid for at least six months).
  • Verifiable Salary Document.
  • Legal employment agreement.
  • Ejari is a legal document that acts as a registered lease.
  • Past Month utility bills of Sponsor.
  • Son’s colored passport copies and a single white-background photo, along with a minimum of six months of passport validity.
  • Application for an Emirates ID at the time of visa issuance or renewal.
  • Teens and pre-teens must submit to a medical exam.
  • Assuring access to medical care.
  • ID for a sponsoring bank account.

6. Medically unfit people will not able to sponsor in UAE.

Even if a resident is found to have subconscious or active pulmonary tuberculosis. They are still considered to be in good health and given a “Health Fitness Certificate for Residence”. So that is valid for one year. This is contingent upon the individual, undergoing treatment. However, follow-up with the Department of Preventive Medicine, or another government health authority, to sponsor the son for over 18 years in UAE.

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