How to get a Shadow Teacher’s job

How to get a shadow teacher job in Dubai?

The shadow teacher’s role is to elevate the independence level and manage the negative behaviors of young pupils. To work as a shadow or assistant teacher in the United Arab Emirates, one has to have to do graduation. This requirement covers both public and private schools in the UAE to get a shadow teacher job in Dubai.

Job Role:

  • Provide support and assistance to students throughout their school day.
  • Work along teachers, to enhance the effective involvement of children with SEN or learning barriers in their academic and social development.
  • Work with students to help develop their plans and aspirations
  • Assist students to develop crucial life skills.
  • Work with children who are unable to comprehend instructions or process signals.
  • The crucial goal is to make children independent and self manager.
  • Maintaining eye contact, encouraging to ask their teachers for assistance.
  • Helping in order to respond to their classmates in social situations.
  • Encouraging children to start conversations with their peers.

If you are a qualified, experienced educator, teaching in Dubai may be a financially rewarding career choice. Qualified international educators in the Middle Eastern metropolis have the opportunity to earn a salary that is comparable to the market rate. Many positions also include bonuses and other perks. For more details click here.

Job Requirements:

  • One must be fluent in English
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree preferrably in child development
  • Certification in ADHD/ABA/RBT or SEN from a recognized institute
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  • A patient shadow teacher interacts with students during crucial circumstances calmly and soothingly.
  • A shadow teacher with critical thinking abilities helps students to manage their relationships with other students, solve problems with their coursework, and consider how to better support them.
  • A competent shadow teacher requires an understanding of behavioral control strategies, particularly those for young children.
  • An Empathetic and compassionate shadow teacher is frequently more able to relate to children and comprehends their difficulties, concerns, and behavioral triggers.

Recruitment criteria:

The parents need to pay the charges for a shadow teacher in addition to the school fee. Schools sometimes, offer visas and other advantages but, mostly prefer a spouse or own visa. The salary for a shadow teacher may vary from AED2000 to AED7000.

  • The school may help in the process of recruiting a shadow teacher relevant to the need of the child.
  • Individually parents can employ the shadow teacher on their own, and then coordinate with the school for further process.
  • Recruitment agencies also hire shadow teachers as well.
  • There is going to be a probationary or trial period during which the shadow teacher will be assessed for role-fit.

How to look for a shadow Teacher Job in Dubai?

There are many ways to look for this job.

source: gulfclassified

There is a huge edge when you join the relevant group for shadow teacher on Facebook. It consist of teachers and parents both. Further, there are jobs posted by parents and agencies every now and then.

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