How to Export Cars to Pakistan from UAE?

You are an ex-pat in UAE and want to Export Cars to Pakistan from UAE? There are various methods to export cars from UAE to Pakistan. However, the procedure depends on the country you are exporting the car to.

UAE and Pakistan have strong trade relations. The export rate between Pakistan and UAE has increased up to 9.8 % during the last 16 years and is expanding even more. However, this trade has a very minor percentage of car exports. This is because exporting cars into Pakistan costs almost 60% and sometimes 100% of the total cost of the car. This amount is unaffordable for most of the Pakistani nationals residing in the UAE.


The import taxes on vehicles in Pakistan vary as per the type of vehicle that is exported. This amount is from US$ 4400 for an 800 CC car to US$ 23,100 for 1600-1800 CC cars.

There is a fewer number of cars that are exported from UAE to Pakistan. People do not export cars from UAE due to a lot of duties and taxes. Some car dealers in UAE are Pakistani nationals who export cars from UAE to Pakistan.


Cars can be exported to Pakistan under three policies:

  • Under personal baggage
  • Gift scheme
  • Transfer of Residence

Cars that are not more than three years old can only be exported to Pakistan. Under Personal baggage, requires Purchase receipts, bill of loading, and Passport or Pakistan origin card. Documents required for Gift Scheme are the NIC of the receiver, purchase receipt, bill of loading, and attested copy of Pakistan origin card. In case of transfer of residence, one needs a Purchase receipt, copy of passport or Pakistan origin card, and bill of landing.

Only people living for a total of 700 days in the UAE can export cars. Also, only second-hand cars are allowed to be exported.

Cars can be exported in some defined ways. Each procedure has its fees and dues. People can select the method that is most accessible and affordable for them. Whereas, Car Shipping is the only method of exporting cars to Pakistan.

The Road-on Road-off

In the road-on road-off method, also known as RORO, cars are driven in and out of the containers. The size of the car is measured, and cargo is decided accordingly. The containers are designed with ramps so that the drive-in and out of the car becomes easy. It is a more affordable method of exporting cars but has its risks. As cars are driven in and out while loading there is more risk of car damage. However, a lot of cars are shipped together.

Load-on and Load-off

In this method, the loading and unloading of cars are done with the help of cranes. It is considered a little safer as there are fewer human handling issues.


Container Shipping:

A car is loaded into separate containers of its own. There are no herds of cars shipped together. Hence, this method is more secure than the other two. But shipping in separate containers increases the shipping cost. This whole procedure makes it very expensive but confirms the security needs. You can also add your private items into the same containers as well.



Delivery time is usually evaluated by your car agent. The delivery time also varies on the documentation procedure and on the place where the car is being shipped to. RORO and LOLO methods can take more time due to increased work at ports.

Container shipping is faster as there is no hassle in it. You also need to fulfill the destination country’s requirement for importing the car. Climate and weather conditions, work at ports, also mechanical faults can lead to delay in delivery.

For Pakistan, it takes more than a week to complete the shipment. Time may change as per given effects.

Documents required:

For exporting a vehicle from UAE, you need to provide some documents. These include:

  • Vehicle export certificate
  • Passport and Visa copy of the shipper
  • Passport and Visa copy of consignee
  • Vehicle value representation document

Several online platforms allow you to get information and export cars from Dubai. These include,, auto, Dubicars, Planitium etc.  

Requirements for Export Certificate

To export vehicles, RTA Road and transport authority provide an export certificate which all costs AED 120. This price varies according to the vehicle’s size and weight. For this export certificate, you need:

  • Transfer of ownership papers
  • The receiver’s passport if the ownership is being transferred
  • Clearance certificate of vehicle
  • Original Emirates ID or a passport
  • Vehicle inspection test
  • Insurance and Clearance Letter

If a company is exporting the vehicle, it must provide a letter, vehicle clearance certificate, insurance, trade license, and mortgage clearance. A police report will be required in case of any damage caused to the vehicle or any of its parts. You can get the export certificate by providing the required documents online as well as by visiting the service center of RTA.


In an interview by Gulf News, Iqbal Dawood, president of Pakistan business council in Dubai said that the exports of cars from UAE to Pakistan have been closed since 2019. This is because importers are harassed by some departments regarding their income resources. People are now afraid of the inquiries they have to go through to import a car in Pakistan.

 There is a reduction in exports of cars into Pakistan from UAE, but the market is still in business. You just need to be aware of the procedure, taxes, and customs duties you need to pay. If you have all the related information, your work becomes easier and secure from scams.

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