How to check car accident history in UAE

Most among the masses, prefer a used or second-hand car in the UAE for budgetary reasons or to improve their driving skills before buying, a brand new one. Whichever is your reason, it’s still an expensive investment. You definitely want to be sure that the used car you buy is safe for you and your loved ones. This blog will guide you on how to check car accident history in UAE

Why the accident history of a car is important

The accident history of a car plays a crucial role in determining the price of the vehicle. Moreover, it is important for two reasons:

  • When buying, the accident history of the car in UAE helps in the assurance of the safety and reliability of the car.
  • When selling gives an edge, in convincing the buyer by providing the history, damage, and repair details about the car.

There are several methods to check the accident history of a car in the UAE but remember, can be extracted for cars only registered in UAE through Govt. portals. To fetch the history of imported cars, we have mentioned the private sites below.

accident history UAE

Accident History UAE

VIN/Chassis No. to Check car accident history in UAE

To check the accident history of a used vehicle in the United Arab Emirates, firstly, you need a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), a unique 17-digit number. The chassis number is the last 6 digits of a VIN number. Commonly, VIN no. is considered the same as the Chassis Number.

A VIN is a unique code assigned to each car when manufactured. It is a kind of identity proof. This unique identity code plays a major role when buying a used or second-hand car. It informs about the model, type manufacturing date, and many other features of the car. Before buying, always ask the seller for VIN. In case he rejects, or the VIN looks altered and scratched it is recommended: “not to buy that car”.

Where to find Chassis NO.

It’s convenient to find chassis no. by searching at the points mentioned below. If you are unable to locate it, just contact your dealer from where you bought the car. Self-service kiosks at any Tasjeel center can also provide immediate information. But it will cost 475AED.

  • The back side of the vehicle’s registration card
  • Dashboard or side of the windshield
  • Under the hood of the car
  • Driver’s side door

How to Check car accident history in UAE with GCC Specs:

You can check a car’s history with GCC specs in the UAE through below government sources:

  1. Abu Dhabi Police
  2. Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)
  3. Ministry of Interior (MOI)
  4. Roads and Transport Authority (Car history and condition only, no data of car accident history)

How to Check car accident history in UAE with US Specs:

For US specs or imported vehicles, you can check the accident history through websites such as CarReport and Carfax. both sites provide extensive details and accident history reports, the former with a payment of AED 99 and the latter with a payment of AED120.

Abu Dhabi Police:

To find the accident history follow the steps stated below. We have created direct access(text in Blue) to the Abu Dhabi Police site to save you time. Click the link and follow as directed.

  • Visit the Abu Dhabi Police website by clicking the link
  • Add Chassis Number to enquire about car accident history
  • Write the text in the message (for verification if human or machine)
  • Submit
Accident history UAE inquiry page on the Abu Dhabi police website

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG):

  • Visit the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) Website
  • Add the Chassis number of a required car and submit
  • Log in or create an account only if need more insight and details.

This website offers comprehensive details on every collision a vehicle has ever been in. This contains the incident’s location, its nature, the extent of the damage, and other details. If you want every detail you need to log in otherwise it’s not necessary.

Ministry of Interior MOI:

  • Visit the ministry of interior MOI website
  • Enter the Chassis number and submit
Car accident history

RTA site to find the accident history in UAE

The RTA process to find the accident history in UAE is a bit lengthy and time-consuming. Further, it requires permission from the owner and involves payment. To generate a “Vehicle technical status certificate” you need to pay 100AED for the certificate and 20AED for a knowledge and innovation fee.

  • Visit the RTA Website
  • Click on “apply now” which appears as a bright red button
  • A new page will open and down below click the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  • An OTP is sent to the owner to grant permission to reveal the history of the car
  • If permission is granted by the previous owner, the information appears to the inquirer

The road and transport authority, RTA offers the accident history of cars registered in UAE as well as of imported cars. RTA and CARFAX joined hands to retrieve information regarding imported cars.


Accident history in the UAE

Step 2:

car accident history uae

Step 3:

Uae accident

How Chassis no. can be helpful:

Before buying a used car one must always ask for chassis no. to avoid any possible hassle, later on. The chassis number is not essential for accident history in UAE only, but for finding the make, model, age, and many other details.

Suspected Fraud or Stolen Report:

In case, suspicious about a vehicle’s genuineness, a chassis number’s location is what you must look for. For example, as mentioned above it is stamped on different parts of a car, therefore, it must match everywhere. If it matches, that means the car is genuine, so safe from any fraud or foul play.

Whenever buying a used car in UAE, first get the chassis number checked. A stolen car’s chassis number is often damaged purposefully, in order to make it unreadable to the authorities. Thus if you want to buy a used car, get the accident history report from UAE Govt portals. They can easily fetch the data of a stolen report.

Brand, Color, and age report:

The VIN reveals the original manufacturing year date, brand, model, and color of the vehicle.

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