How can I send cargo from Dubai to Pakistan?

How can I send cargo from Dubai to Pakistan? This is the first thing that comes to mind whether you are an individual or a business. From Dubai to Pakistan, Cargo service providers can deliver your goods right at your door by two ways either air or sea. The majority of Pakistani consumers seek out economical and reliable companies. Individuals send documents, households, furniture, or electronics whereas, business look for bulk quantities. Working with the most cost-efficient carrier is essential if a business wants the cost of goods down and free shipping.

send cargo from Dubai to Pakistan

What to look for when sending Cargo from Dubai to Pakistan:

Everyone cares about reliability, expense, quality, and speed of cargo shipping service. Air shipment is expensive compare to sea freight. Whenever you want to send a shipment, preferably look for:

  • A reliable company, with a team that provides quality logistics and services to its customers.
  • Capable of delivering single or complex shipments and cargo from Dubai to Pakistan.
  • Cost-effective and offers a flat rate for heavy and non-fragile items.
  • Offers charge free pickup and open for delivery on weekends as well.
  • Delivery on all six days, no extra charges for Saturday.
  • Provide tracking and free packaging.
  • Provide custom clearance services
  • Safe and time efficient

Price Per Kg:

There are many local shippers, cost efficiently offers shipping cargo from Dubai to Pakistan. They ship cargo as a Price per Kg(AED/kg) formula. For example for Personal Goods it 2.5 AED/Kg, Electronics 6AED/Kg, Furniture 7AED/kg, etc. You need to call them and ask for services. Many provide well packed safe and guaranteed shipment. It is a time taking shipment, sent through port, in containers. It may take 25 to 40 days to reach the final destination or city. This is most cost effective but risky method, as they can’t ensure the full safety of item.


Can I send medicine from Dubai to Pakistan?

send cargo from Dubai to Pakistan

Medicines can be sent to Pakistan but come with a restriction. Before sending any medicine as cargo from Dubai to Pakistan, you must get permission from the Director-General of the Health Department in the UAE.

Is it Possible to Send Electronics from Dubai to Pakistan?

It is correct that service providers would provide a significant marketplace for delivering electronic goods from Dubai to Pakistan. The typical fee for electronic items is 8 AED per kilogram, whereas the rate for an LED television is 10 AED per inch. Also, if you wish to send electronics, custom clearance and tax payment involves. For details click here.

Cost to Send a parcel:

If you know where you want to send your item from, how much it weighs, and how long it has to travel, you can get shipping quotes from Cargo services providers near you. Most Cargo service providers give competitor pricing so customers may make an informed choice. It sometimes depends upon distance between cities, item size, and weight. Cargo services providers deliver urgent packages along interstate roads. The service’s pricing will be mentioned. Express delivery or urgent shipment costs more.

Time required to deliver a parcel from the United Arab Emirates to Pakistan?

When shipping between these countries, the Cargo services provider’s budget courier often takes three days or more. Distance is the primary determinant of delivery time. If you need your order quickly, though, remember that expedited shipping is an option. When this occurs, delivery times can be cut down to as little as a few hours. Most expedited shipments arrive at their destination within one to two business days. When you use a service to ship a package, you’ll always know where it so Cargo services providers in UAE also take care of this.

Security is a particularly crucial aspect of delivery

While delivering a parcel from the United Arab Emirates to Pakistan regardless of what you are shipping, whether it is a cheap souvenir or a precious relic, Cargo services providers make sure it gets there safely. All parcels, sent using the Cargo services providers’ platform, from Dubai to Pakistan, are guaranteed to be insured for the full price of €25. The extra payment as well for any damages or loss that may occur.

Banned Cargo items from Dubai to Pakistan?

Below items have a ban, to send to Pakistan. For exporters and importers, a special permit is required by respective Govt authority, for safe or legally required reasons.

  • Antiques and Acids.
  • Products that Require Batteries and Bearer Documents.
  • Bio-Products, Non-hazardous Materials, and Chemicals.
  • Material and Corrosive Communistic.
  • Furs and Flammables.
  • Dry Ice and Wet Ice.
  • Machines used in industry and pathogens.
  • Jewelry and other items deemed insulting to Muslim culture.
  • Maps and Other Magnetized Objects.
  • Luxury imported items as per new Govt of Pakistan law

Packaging and Labeling Rules

Source: Packlink PRO

If you want your package to make it to its destination without any damage, you need to make it, well-protected during transit. The correct box, which should be rigid, is the most crucial part. Bubble wrap is the best cushioning material and should be used to secure the item. Leave the item within the packaging, and if there is any extra room, fill it with a soft material so that nothing inside may shift about. Make sure to attach lading bill to the package before you seal it. Cargo service providers supply such a label in the client’s printed control panel and also send it to an e-mail address.

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