Dubai introduces new Covid 19 rules for vaccinated residents

Vaccinations began in December in Dubai, it has immunized nearly 60% of its citizens of around 10 million people by mid-March. This write-up will tell you about how Dubai introduces new Covid 19 rules for vaccinated residents.

Rules for immigrants

They ought to do another PCR test on their fourth day in the UAE. Those who have received the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccination receive the letter E on the Al Hosn app 28 days later. It is only effective for seven days after that.

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Citizens must have the letter E activated on the UAE’s Covid monitoring app Al Hosn to organize gatherings. Covid-vaccinated citizens can attend all conferences and exhibits in the UAE.


PCR test is mandatory if you just traveled from another place. Everyone in the UAE follows this rule. Especially, if the visited place is not on the green list of UAE, you will have to undergo a PCR test within 4 days.

Dubai introduces new Covid 19 rules for vaccinated residents: PCR test matters

Fully vaccinated passengers must show confirmation of vaccinations. They must also show negative results from a PCR test. Most important thing is, the test must be performed less than 72 hours before flying.

After day four, a guest must undergo for PCR test. There is no such thing as a 100% vaccination program.

Safety precautions while traveling


• While in public, wear well-fitting masks and adhere to social-distancing conventions.

• Keep your hands sanitized at all times and completely

• When reserving seats, tend to avoid sitting close to strangers.

• Avoid taking public transportation as much as possible.

• Holiday in the comfort of homes or apartments. Avoid luxury hotels and resorts.

• Choose home delivery and take-out choices over dining in restaurants.



In the UAE, everyone follows the rule. If you come into touch with an infected, you must take quarantined or take extreme measures. For more please visit here:

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