Dubai Driving License Renewal

This blog contains complete guidelines about “Dubai driving license renewal”. Driving is a crucial element of daily life for residents of the UAE. One has to pay heavy penalties in case of driving on an expired driving license. Please follow our detailed advice below to successfully renew your license.

As per the government portal driving license renewal in the UAE is valid for 10 years for UAE and GCC citizens, whereas just 5 years renewal for residents. In the several Emirati States, you may now renew your driver’s license entirely online.

Dubai Driving License Renewal

What is the Procedure for Dubai Driving License Renewal

To renew your Dubai driving license online, you may utilize the convenient and user-friendly service provided by the RTA on their official website. Whether you are applying for a new license or renewing an existing one, the following procedures you need to follow:

RTA Website:

  • The candidate must take an eye exam at an approved testing facility.
  • Apply to renew your driving license through the RTA website.
  • Enter your Emirates ID details.
  • Pay your fees and traffic fines.
  • The temporary driving license arrives in your email in the meanwhile.
  • Pick your renewed driver’s license at the Al Barsha or Deira Happiness Centers.
  • For an extra AED 25, you may have your new license delivered to you.

Note: One can apply for renewal of a driving license through multiple channels in Dubai. They are:

  • Through RTA Kiosk
  • Smart Apps: Dubai Drive and RTA Dubai.
  • Eye test Centers
  • Eye Test Trucks
RTA Dubai Drive

Required Documents for Dubai Driving License

For those under the age of 21

  • A legitimate, original Emirates ID.

Those above the age of 21

  • An eye exam falls into the appropriate diagnostic class.
  • Your valid, original Emirates ID.
  • For international organizations and embassies, diplomatic cards will replace the Emirates ID.
  • The Home of the Resolute.
  • A copy of the doctor’s official license transfer certificate from the appropriate licensing agency.

For those who carry an Emirati passport but not a family book

  • One valid passport photocopy.
  • Valid “Marsoom” copy, version 2.

For a citizen of the United Arab Emirates who is the son of an Emirati mother

  • One valid passport photocopy.
  • A photocopy of the document issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs confirming the customer’s mother’s Emirati citizenship.

Fees for Dubai Driving License Renewal

  • The fee for renewal of a driving license is 100 AED.
  • Knowledge but also Innovation Fees of +20 AED
  • Extra costs of 500 AE, when requesting a home service to perform the eye exam and license renewal.

For customers 21 years and older

  • A driver’s license renewal above 21 years, costs 300 AED.
  • A driver’s license renewal above 21 years, costs 100 AED
  • The knowledge and innovation fee is 20 AED or more.

If it’s been more than 10 years since you renewed your license, you must pass a skills exam.

  • The cost of opening a training file is 200 AED.
  • One hundred UAE Dirhams for the distribution of a study program.
  • RTA manual for purchase of 50 AED.
  • Fees for 200 AED RTA tests.
  • Five Hundred UAE Dirhams for the expired license.
  • Renewal of a driver’s license costs 300 AED.
  • Knowledge and Innovation Fees of +20 AED

Note: For licenses that expire in fewer than 10 years, there is a fee of 10 AED per month, up to 500 AED. But if the renewal is late. Customers who have let their licenses lapse for more than ten years. Then it will be unable to renew them without first completing a road skills exam.

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Dubai renewal of driving license

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