Top 6 Cheapest Apartments to Rent in Dubai

If you are looking for the Cheapest Apartments to Rent in Dubai, then this write-up will assist you. Dubai is a city that attracts a wide variety of expatriates; also, it is known as the City of Gold. One of the costly expenses that residents must keep in their budgets is rent if they live in Dubai. In this write-up, we will know about the Cheapest Area to Rent in Dubai.

Despite the price cuts, some places are still too expensive. The more you go near to the city center or the beach the higher the rent is. So if you are finding a place within your budget, then we are here just for you.

1. International City:

One bed apartment starts from DHS 25,000

It is listed as one of the cheapest areas in the UAE. The roughly estimated rent starts from Dhs25,000 for one bed in 2021.


It has across 8 million square meters and is equipped with everything you could need. That means you won’t have to compromise on your quality of life. Architecture is one of the critical elements of the area that continues to draw people. Each residential area is named after a country and is meant to highlight that country.

At International City, there are plenty of facilities around every corner to make your life as easy as possible. It is close to some of Dubai’s most well-known tourist attractions like Dragon Mart, Ibis Hotel, Nakheel Park, and quite close to the Dubai International Airport.

2. Jumeirah Village:

One bed apartment starts from DHS 27,000

Rents have dropped almost, more than half as compared to five years ago in JVC, bringing it in the list of cheapest areas of 2021.

If you’re looking for peace, then this is the place. The Jumeirah Village Circle is located in the center of Dubai. It is a residential center featuring high-tech flats, townhouses, and villas within the budget. If you’re looking for peace, then this is the place. It is the most popular place to live for kids and families. In addition, it has a wide range of services and amenities that makes it worth living in Dubai.


JVC draws many renters since it is surrounded by high-end neighborhoods like Emirates Hills and Al Barsha. Furthermore, it is barely 30 minutes from essential sites such as Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai.

3. Discovery Gardens is one of the Cheapest apartments to Rent in Dubai

One bed apartment starts from DHS 30,000

Discovery Gardens, a great choice for those who prefer peaceful communities and affordable amenities. A high drop in rent during 2021 brings it to the list.

The Discovery Gardens, a world within Dubai, is a one-of-a-kind place to live. There are six districts, each with its theme and name. It is located in the so-called new Dubai, has been a favorite among renters on a budget. With so many facilities such as swimming pools and sports courts and other activities, it is worth paying for. It attracts both families and singles since it provides renters with the choice of renting an affordable house.

4. Dubai Silicon Oasis:

One bed apartment starts from DHS 27,000

Dubai Silicon Oasis

If you’re seeking a business-friendly technical area in Dubai, there is no need to search any further. It offers commercial space at a reasonable price. If you plan to start your own business, this is the place that works for you best.

5. Dubai Sports City:

One bed apartment starts from DHS 29,000
The Dubai Sports City (DSC) is no less than a bit of town within the eternal city of Dubai, with a total size of 50 million square feet. This sports-oriented area provides everything one might want, from residential to retail, business, and sports facilities. It is one of the greatest and cheapest areas in Dubai to rent an apartment.

Sports city of Dubai

It’s a great match if you’re a fitness freak. Because of its sports-oriented lifestyle, it is just one of the best communities in Dubai. Also, it is a short walk from the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, which hosts essential events.

6.Dubai Production City is one of the cheapest areas:

property dubai

One bed apartment starts from DHS 24,000

Dubai Production City Zone was previously known as the International Media Production Zone. Their mission is to support media enterprises in growing. You might wish to choose this one as your next home because it offers both business and residential apartments within your budget. Its location is on the edge of the town provides the perfect option to live away from Dubai’s rush hours. There are wide ranges of stunning buildings to select in this area, each with large, rates are cheap for the flats.

Whether you’re searching for a location to raise a family or a place to live alone, Dubai Production City has everything you need for the perfect lifestyle. In addition, living in Production City puts you in immediate contact with some of the city’s most popular attractions.

Wrapping Up:


Remember that before you make a deal with the house owner, don’t forget to ask questions that come to mind and know all the details you want. For more about the cheapest apartments to rent in Dubai, please visit

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