Best Food Apps in UAE For Ordering Food Online

Are you hungry now but you are stuck at home because of this lockdown? Where to order online food from? This write-up will give you an idea about Best Food Apps in UAE For Ordering Food Online.

Thanks to the best food apps in UAE, you no longer need to go outside to get delicious foods. You can use these amazing apps to get foods delivered from your favourite restaurants right to your doorsteps. There are certain, extraordinary food apps to order food online, which provide you with a quick save by offering discounts and offers

The problem that you would most likely face is choosing the best food apps in UAE to order from. Don’t worry we have got you covered. 

We have compiled a list of the best food apps which are available in the UAE mentioning their pros and cons, so you can take an informed decision.

Zomato is One Of the Best Food Apps in UAE For Ordering Food Online

Zomato was founded in India and it became operational in the UAE in 2008. One of the best features of this app is that it provides honest reviews from customers which helps you determine the quality of a restaurant. Zomato is now one of the best food delivery apps all over the UAE.

The app is always active for both Android and IOS users of UAE. It has a very easy-to-use interface. The app categorizes the foods in various segments making it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Perks of Zomato

  • You get a 20 per cent off coupon as a new member.
  • Have exclusive Gold Zomato membership for people who frequently order food online.
  • Lowest delivery charges and sometimes you even get food delivered for free.
  • You can bookmark your favourite restaurants in the Zomato App.

Careem Now

Careem Now is one of the food delivery giants in the UAE and recently they acquired Uber eats. It is an extended section of the ride-hailing app Careem and is famous for its quick deliveries and reduced delivery charges. 


The App is available to both Android and IOS users. They also have a section for discounts making it very convenient for the users. Careem now has its delivery charges set to AED 7 which allows users to save more money on delivery fees.

Perks of Careem Now

  • You can track your order in real time using the app.
  • There is no set minimum charge.
  • They have a huge collection of restaurants listed in their app.
  • Allows you to save your favourite restaurant so you can reorder later.



Talabat founded in 2012 means “orders” in Arabic. The app currently has over 10M+ android and 7M+ IOS users. With Talabat, you don’t need to make an account to order food online, allowing you to order faster than other apps. 

Talabat is one of the best food apps in the UAE. They have over 1000 employees working to give you a better experience.  

Perks of Talabat 

  • The app has over 1000 restaurants listed in its database offering you more choices. 
  • They have a section that allows you to give special instructions for your food.
  • You can pay in advance through credit/debit cards or via cash on delivery.
  • You have the option to tip the rider online.



Another prominent food app in the UAE is Deliveroo which serves over a million users daily. Over 15M are using the app from their Android and IOS phones.

Recently, Amazon invested in Deliveroo seeing the growth of the app. All the popular restaurants that are based in Dubai are available in this app. The app also allows you to book your food for the next day allowing you to plan a party conveniently. 

Perks of Deliveroo

  • You can choose from oriental, continental, and other fancy cuisines using this app.
  • If you are on a budget, the app provides you with many affordable food choices.
  • They follow AED 7 format making the delivery charges very low.
  • You can track your orders from cooking to delivery with this app.

Eat Easy

eat easy

For people who are not adept at using technology, this app is a perfect choice. They also provide very accurate delivery estimation time and show the ratings and reviews of nearby restaurants in your area.

Over 1200 restaurants all over the UAE are present in the app. It is very easy to see all the required information like estimated time, delivery fee, payment methods, delivery address, and others at a glance.

Perks of Eat Easy

  • It is available for android and IOS users.
  • Offers you food from the most reputable vendors from all over UAE.
  • Offers you cashback and loyalty points making it one of the best food apps for rewards.
  • Allows you to pay by cash or card.

Clean Eat Me


This app is a bit different from all the other apps on the list, as it only promotes healthy eating. If you are looking for eating healthy foods from the outside, then this is the perfect place to make your order.

You can choose to avoid eating any dairy products if you are a vegan using this app. You can also select daily, weekly, or even monthly plans from this app. 

If you are working out and you need a specific meal you can

plan that using this app and order it regularly. The food that you order would be delivered to you quickly. 

Perks of Clean Eat Me

  • It comes with a built-in daily calorie intake so you can plan your meals smartly.
  • You get to eat healthier meals.
  • You can select different meal plans making it very convenient.
  • Options to choose a vegan diet, special workout diets, and more.


We hope from this list you got a pretty good idea of the best food apps in UAE. You can also visit their official sites to see the restaurants listed on their platform.

Reading the reviews on Google Playstore and App Store also says a lot about these food apps.

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