Golden Visa and its Benefits in the UAE

The benefits of a Golden Visa in the UAE are really attractive. Most importantly, holders of the Golden visa are excused from requiring a national sponsor as well. The UAE government is providing this benefit to eligible people only. However, you can check your eligibility also to get Golden Visa.

What are the main features of Golden Visa?

This Visa enables foreigners not only to live but also to work and study in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor. Besides, it allows 100 percent ownership of their business on the UAE’s mainland.

Besides, the most interesting aspect of the UAE golden visa is the fact that it offers residency for 5 to 10 years. This is highly appealing to foreigners. On the other hand, it will reduce the hassle of residency renewal as well.

What is the Purpose of the Golden Visa?

As a matter of fact, UAE is focusing on its development. A golden visa is designed to make the progress more effective. Additionally, the below purposes is also important –

  • To retain talented people in the country. As a result, UAE will never need to hire any outside resources.
  • Generally, it’s a matter of huge expense to stay in Dubai. One of the purposes of this visa is to eliminate the restriction of needing a sponsor.

Who might be eligible for Golden Visa?

golden visa

Actually, UAE always emphasizes the productive sector. If you have that skill in a specific sector, then you have the jackpot.

  1. Scientists, PhD holders and data experts
  2. Medical doctors
  3. Chief executives
  4. Outstanding students (their families can apply)
  5. University graduates with a 3.8 GPA score or more
  6. Real estate investors
  7. Investors
  8. Entrepreneurs

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How to enrol for getting the benefit of a Golden Visa?

Actually, there are six steps to getting this visa –

  1. Firstly, you have to enter the website:-
  2. Apply for a nomination
  3. The UAE Authorities have 30 days to review your application
  4. You’ll receive an email with the outcome of your application
  5. If your nomination gets approved, you’ll receive a link by email where you have to upload the documents
  6. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will verify the application
  7. Finally, the Authorities will issue the Golden Visa

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