7 Best Hiking spots in UAE to visit.

Winters in UAE are always most awaited. The enchanting weather allures us to discover the UAE’s far-stretched wilderness. Hikers and travelers unwind their bucket lists to mark their new adventures. UAE has astonishing mountains and amazing Wadis to camp and hike. The picturesque dry riverbeds along mountains strike as perfect hiking spots. If you are ready for the adventure, then pack up your gear, as we have listed 7 best hiking spots in UAE

1.    Jebel Hafeet

JEBEL HAFEET hiking spot is located in Al Ain and is considered the best hiking trail in UAE to try. This range is on the UAE-Oman border. Jebel Hafeet is reportedly to be more than just a UAE trekking site. The mountain is rich in history and plankton fossils. It takes 3 to 4 hours to ascend the UAE’s third-highest peak. Jebel Hafeet is a steep peak that even challenges experienced hikers. Moreover, the best time to hike the ranges is at sunset or sunrise. You can see a magnificent blend of the desert’s golden hues and Al Ain’s green oasis, which makes it uniquely stunning. The travel distance from Dubai may range between 1 and a half to 2 hours. Furthermore, it must be noted that Prior permission is required from Government for this one of the best hiking spots in UAE.

2.    Al Rabi Mountain Trail

Al Rabi Mountain trail is one of the most famous and less challenging hiking spots in the UAE. It shadows the Khorfakkan town and the Gulf of Oman. The trail is well-marked and signposted everywhere to avoid any hassle or loss. The panoramic Hajjar Mountains on the other side equally keep you motivated to enjoy your hiking. The first UAE flag and expansive city views come to the spotlight after a 1.5-hour trek to the first peak. The total 6km course takes about three hours of hike. For more places to visit click here

3.    Wadi Shawkat

It is an hour away from Dubai and perfect for novices. Wadi Shawka’s paths are in third place to be the best hiking trails in UAE. It is quite popular among the people, and you may find not only a lot of hikers but mostly families as well enjoying the attractive scenes. Along the natural pools, formed after rain, one can enjoy camping too. Bike Cruisers especially opt for this hiking spot as it provides the opportunity for some fast cruising adventure. Moreover, make your day by visiting the Shawka pools. Regardless of where you hike, you will enjoy panoramic vistas of Shawka Pools. You may reach Shawka Dam by using the stairs or a trail from the little parking area.

4.    Hatta Mountain Trails

Hiking Trails in UAE

Hatta is one of the most remarkable and largest national parks in Dubai. It’s known for its best hiking trails and popular family travel destination. The Hatta Wadi Hub offers activities like zorbing, bike cruising, kayaking, horse riding, paragliding, Gel ball, Hatta drop-in, and many more. Similarly, these activities are perfect for adventure seekers and this exclave town has become popular among adventurers. The place has hiking routes in the Hajar Mountains in addition to Easy, Moderate, Difficult, and Severe trails. The 33km itineraries include farmland, a heritage village, rolling hills, wadis, ponds, and paths to the Hatta sign. There are also additional places to picnic, visit historic sites, and much more.

5.    Wadi Abadilah

Hiking Trails in UAE

This beautiful naturally occurring sight is full of vegetation, farms, and freshwater springs. It is located in Abadilah, Fujairah near the Masafi area. A popular spot among families and hikers. The walk ranges from simple to moderate, and further, it passes through a rural area filled with date palms, banana trees, mango trees, and more. During wet seasons, the wadis’ pools and streams become full and a worth visit trip. The far side of the wadi, has numerous puzzling valleys, despite having clear marking at the entrance. If you don’t maintain track of your route, it’s always possible to become lost between the wadi.

6.    Ain Al Sheria

Hiking Trails in UAE

Ain Al Sheria, located in northwestern Fujairah, is one of the best geological and cliff-side hikes in the United Arab Emirates. The trail is undeniably impressive, featuring stunning rock formations in dramatic russet tones and an enormous boulder with ancient petroglyphs. This is a challenging walk that calls for some hiking background. Even though there are some shady spots, a lot of the area is out in the open sun, so bring plenty of drinks and sunscreen just in case.

7.    Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah

Hiking Trails in UAE

The tallest mountain in the United Arab Emirates, Jebel Jais, is located in Ras Al Khaimah. Additionally, it is awarded as the best hiking and traveling spot in UAE. The track divides into two hiking trails each with six paths of varied difficulties.

There are a total of five routes ranging in length from 0.7 km to 6 km (the Samar trail) in the lower section, catering to hikers of varying levels. Moreover, a lot of effort was added to make the markings more user-friendly. The higher track has an extremely steep ascent. You can also follow this route to reach the UAE’s northern and southern peaks, where you may take in breathtaking views. As a matter of fact, thrill-seekers flock to Jebel Jais as it offers exciting and thrilling activities. They include Jais Ropes course, Jais viewing deck, Jais Via Ferrata, Jais flight, Jais flight tour, Jais sledder and many more.

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