6 UAE traffic rules for driving in the fast lane

Many drivers in the UAE choose to travel in the left-most lane, also referred to as the fast lane. This implies that they would be traveling the entire way at the maximum permitted speed, which can reach 140 kmph. Above all, one must abide traffic rules. For details click here.

However, the use of fast lanes is governed by a number of traffic laws, and violators face fines of up to Dh400.

In the past, police departments all around the nation have started efforts to inform the public about the proper use of the left lane. Here is the full list of rules you must follow:

  • According to the Dubai Police, the fast lane should not be used unless you’re overtaking another vehicle. Its use is limited to emergency vehicles and overtaking. Here is a video released by the police that explains this rule:
  • Motorists driving at speeds that are slower than specified must not use the fast lane.
  • Even if you are driving within the speed limit on the speed track, you cannot refuse to give way to motorists looking to overtake you.
  • Police officers can issue a Dh400 fine and 4 black points against motorists who fail to give way to vehicles coming from the back or the left side of the road. The Abu Dhabi Police had earlier released a video highlighting the dangers of not giving way

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