What are traffic Rules for Driving in the Fast Lane

The Police Department issued 6 traffic Rules for Driving in the Fast Lane and used social media to warn motorists about the perils of going too slow in the fast lane. By doing so, they endanger not only themselves but also other motorists on the road. Many UAE drivers choose the leftmost lanes on highways, which refer as “fast lanes”. The max speed limit on Dubai’s Highways reaches 130km/h whereas 140km/h in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and other Emirates.

Police may issue a citation and a fine if caught. “AED 400 fine” is the standard fine regarding “Traffic rules for driving in the fast lane”. Driving too closely to another vehicle can result in up to “AED 400 fine” and 4 black points. Therefore, the main “Traffic rules for driving in the fast lane” are described in the following.

Fast Lane traffic rules and 400DHS Fine:

  • The UAE police strongly discourage “Driving in the fast lane”. Only emergency and authorized vehicles can use this road. The authorities have released a video on twitter that explains the particulars of this rule in further detail.
  • Drivers who are moving at a speed, lower than the limit can’t utilize the fast lane. This rule is in place to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.
Fast Lane traffic rules
  • RTA possibly fines “400 AED” for weaving in and out of lanes without paying attention (keeping a safe distance from other cars) and scaring other drivers (by using the side indicators), you will be breaching the law. This is the case regardless of whether you are doing this on purpose or not.
  • You must give way to automobiles, trying to pass you on the highway. It applies even if traveling at a speed equal to or lower than the speed limit posted on the roadway.
  • A driver may expect to incur a fine of “AED 400” and four black points if refuse to move aside to the right or left while another vehicle approaches.
  •  Drivers, seeking to pass slower cars in the fast lane should not tailgate the vehicles. If you approach too near the automobile in front, in the same way may get a penalty of “AED400” . This is because for improper following distance.
  • Delivery Vehicles or riders must not drive in the fast lane otherwise, resulting in a 400DHs fine.

Who is allowed to drive in fast lane

  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Drivers overtaking the traffic on right but immediately move to second lane safely

Traffic rules for driving in the fast lane are inflexible. Dubai Police regularly issue warnings about the dangers of driving at lower than the limit, displayed. The considerable difference in travel durations between two vehicles is the most common cause of rear-end crashes. To avoid further damages and collisions, this high penalty of “400 AED” imposition applies, in case of violation.

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