10 Popular Spots For Tourists in Georgia

What are 10 Popular Spots For Tourists in Georgia? Georgia is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It is the former Soviet Republic that is home to Caucasus Mountain villages and black sea beaches. Vacationing in Georgia is the perfect combination of nature, historical sights, and unique culture. Above all, visit Georgia, to revive your peace of mind through mesmerizing beauty and natural scenes. Here, you can relish the mesmerizing beauty of nature in all the seasons. Georgia offers everything a traveler could want:

  • Affordability
  • A welcoming culture
  • Economical transportation
  • Picturesque lakes
  • Vibrant urban life
  • Incredible mountains
  • Architecture
  • Adventures
  • Delicious food and drinks

Below, we have illustrated 10 Popular and most captivating Spots For Tourists in Georgia, that you can visit for an unforgettable experience. Additionally, it is one of the cheapest tourist spot as well.

The Bridge of Peace

The bridge of peace, an undeniably gorgeous place, is located in the Capital and largest city of Georgia, Tbilisi. It is a bow-shaped pedestrian bridge. A steel and glass construction illuminated with numerous LEDs, over the Kura River. Since, it’s opening in 2010, it has become an important pedestrian crossing, linking Rike Park to Old Town. It is a significant tourist attraction and one of the most well-recognized landmarks of the capital.  

The Bridge of Peace, Tbilisi

Glass Bridge over Georgia’s Dashbashi Canyons

Dashbashi canyons and a suspended glass bridge are located in the city of Tsalka (around 2 hours drive from the capital city Tbilisi), in southern Georgia. In fact, it is a very unusual 240-meter glass bridge with a “diamond-shaped” bar suspended in the center. You cannot only walk on the glass bridge but also ride a bicycle over the canyon. The huge transparent structure rises to 280 meters’ offering panoramic views of its stunning waterfalls and caves.

Glass Bridge, Tsalka.

Lake Lopota

Lopota lake is in the north of the Alazani Valley, surrounded by thick forests and the mighty Caucasus Mountains. It is a real paradise and an ideal destination to relax and boost your energy. It is less than 2.5 hours drive from the capital city Tbilisi. Currently, there are 10 hotel buildings, where standard, semi-lux, and lux rooms can accommodate more than 200 guests.

Lopota Lake, Alazan Valley

Koruldi Lakes of Georgia

Koruldi Lakes are located on the south slope of the Caucuses Mountains to the north of Mestia at 2850m above sea level. On the panoramic view, you will see Shkhara, Tetnuldi, Ushba, Laila, and others. The peaks of the lakes especially leave an unforgettable impression on the visitors.

Koruldi Lakes, Mestia

The Katschia Pillar

This landmark holds a special place among the 10 Popular Spots For Tourists in Georgia. The pillar appeared even in prehistoric times. Somehow, it resembles Greek meteors. It is approximately 40 meters high and overlooks the small river valley of Katskhura. For a long time, only locals knew about this place. In 1944, a research group found ruins of an ancient temple and a monastic cell on the top of the pillar which is now a small church with one monk. Further, a metal staircase is lowered to climb to the top.

Katschia Pillar, Katskhura.

Vardzia, the Cave City a popular spot in Georgia

Vardzia is one of Georgia’s must-see tourist attractions. It is a cave monastery site excavated from the slopes of the Erusheti Mountain on the left bank of the Kura River, 30 kilometers from Aspindza. Completed during the reign of Queen Tamar, in the late twelfth century, the complex consists of hundreds of rooms carved into a cliff.

Vardzia, the Cave City

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Starting at the historic depot in downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia, riders take a four-hour, 26-mile roundtrip journey along the Toccoa River through the North Georgia countryside. The ride begins with a one-hour trip to the quaint sister towns of McCaysville, Georgia, and Copperhill, Tennessee, nestled deep in the mountains on each state’s line. Indeed, passengers enjoy, all the towns have to offer, during a two-hour layover before taking the one-hour return trip through the scenic forest and back to the depot in Blue Ridge, Georgia. In addition to this ride, you will find the perfect blend of nature, history, and Appalachian culture.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Botanical Garden, Atlanta

This place is a definite destination for horticulturally minded, nature-inspired, and fun-seeking families. Besides eminent plant collections, beautiful displays, and spectacular exhibitions make the Atlanta Botanical Garden the loveliest place in the city to visit. The mission of the Atlanta Botanical Garden is to develop and maintain plant collections for display, education, research, conservation, and enjoyment. The delicate nature of paper art meets the monumental forms of metal sculpture in the spring during Origami in the Garden.

Botanical Garden, Atlanta

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

The world’s fourth largest aquarium, Georgia Aquarium houses more than 100,000 aquatic animals in more than 10 million gallons of fresh and saltwater. The sheer size of the aquarium is divided into various themes to make the visit more focused and educational.

  • Cold Water Quest explores cold water life across the world’s oceans, with surprisingly unusual creatures that include Australian sea dragons and Japanese spider crabs. Furthermore, under the Boardwalk, trainers interact with sociable California sea lions, and in the River Scout, the exhibit is albino alligators, piranha, and emerald tree boas.
  • The largest, the 6.3-million-gallon Ocean Voyager, has whale sharks and manta rays among its thousands of fishes. It also features a 100-foot-long acrylic tunnel for visitors to walk through, surrounded by swimming fishes.
Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

Martvili Canyon: one of popular spot for tourists in Georgia

Martvili Canyon is one of the most-visited places in Georgia and the most popular day trip from Kutaisi. The Visitor Centre of Martvili Canyon is in the village of Inchkhuri. Basically, carved out by the Abasha river, the 2.4-kilometer gorge has 50 to 70-meter-high rock walls and several cascading waterfalls. In brief, visitors explore the area via a 700-meter walking trail and on a short 15-minute ride in an inflatable boat. You also get to enjoy diving and explore beautiful places under the water.

 popular spots for tourists in Georgia
Martvili Canyon

In conclusion, if you are planning to visit Georgia, then this is one of the best places in the world to explore. On the whole, you are going to be hypnotized by its magical mountains, lakes, historical places, and architecture. You will obviously love this place if you like adventures, hiking, and a relaxing environment. Nowadays, many tourists explore the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains through cycling and bike rides. The trip usually takes longer than the visitors planned as it is hard to resist camping in the alluring spots it offers.

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